Wine fermentation in barrels

Wooden barrels used for fermentation or wine ageing are probably the first image we have when we think of a visit in a winery. Wine fermentation in wooden barrels follow precise rules and give precious aromas and scents to the wine, and make nowadays wine so rich and elegant.

Normally, when we visit a winery the wine maker tells us how wooden barrels are selected, how they are monitored and which relation the wood and the wine have. Certainly, this is a fascinating world that requires one study, experience and passion.

The ancient wine fermentation in wooden barrels

As we explained in our last article, we are used to seeing ceramic amphoras of Roman, Greek and Egyptian Age, or of even earlier Ages, whileidentifying wooden barrel traces is more complex. The first traces of wooden barrels are documented in Egypt as early as 2690 BCE. Fully-closed barrels were first developed during the Iron Age (800-900 BCE), and were in use for holding wine, beer, milk, olive oil, and water.

botti legno raffigurate in scultura Germania

Why wooden barrels for wine fermentation are used

Wood is a living material, and it enriches wine with smelling notes – the most common ones are coffee, tobacco, vanilla, cocoa and herbal scents. In fact, during wine fermentation, there is an intense chemical exchange between wine and barrel that must be controlled and monitored to plan which character the wine will acquire.

In this sense, the choice and the management of wooden barrels are very complicated yet essential moments for wine production. In fact, they render either red or white wine unique and enveloping.

Nowadays, technology supports wine makers in monitoring wine fermentation and it is the basis for smart wineries, bringing tradition to new levels of taste.

The barrel cellar, or the place where fermentation makes the miracle

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