cocktail sweet and sour with mixed berries and rose wine

The recipe of sweet and sour with mixed berries

In our last articles, we have introduced very easy recipes of cocktails that you can make home. If you click here, you find which cocktails to be done by yourself easily. This time we learn how to make sweet and sour wine cocktailusing mixed berries and a hint of mint.

Sweet and sour is also known as sour mix and it is generally based on lemon, simply sugar syrup and ice.

History & curiosities about sweet and sour

Sweet and sour is the early version of any rum. In fact, the presence of unfermented sugar in form of sugar syrup makes the sweet and sour. Discovered in the Caribbean, the British Navy soon adopted it for libation. To fight malnutrition, adding lime or lemon it became popular. Before fermentation, rum is basically sugar syrup and that is where sweet and sour comes from.

Ingredients for your sweet and sour cocktail

300 ml fresh lemon juice

200 ml sugar syrup with egg white

200 ml mixed berry fruit puree

100 ml water

mint leaves

lime slices

30 ml Albiola Casale del Giglio (rose wine)

ice cubes


a glass

a kitchen syringe

two teaspoons

a long spoon

a measuring cup

Preparation before the cocktail

How to prepare sugar syrup

Dissolve 300g caster sugar in 150ml water over a low heat. Stir it as long as it is completely melt. Leave it cool and bottle it. It can last up to three or four weeks.

How to prepare a mixed berry puree

Separately, take 200 g fresh mixed berries, add a spoon of sugar and a drop of lemon. Mixer them to have a dense cream.

How to prepare sweet and sour cocktail with mixed berries

recipe by Ambra Foffi (bar tender – certified ISO9001:2008)

  • 1

    Prepare a sweet and sour cream. Make fresh lemon juice from two lemons, add the sugar syrup and one-egg white.

  • Mixer it to make it foamy.


  • 3

    Top it up with Casale del Giglio Albiola Rose wine.

  • Add an extra layer of mixed berry puree using the kitchen syringe.


  • 5

    Garnish with a slice of lime and some extra mint leaves if you like.

albiola casale del giglio rose wine with sweet and sour and mixed berries

Enjoy & drink responsibly.

Casale del Giglio winery: a unique winery in Italy

Casale del Giglio is one of the most dynamic wineries placed just thirty minutes from Rome. Casale del Giglio has been awarded with countless prizes for the high quality and taste of its wine. In a unique French-like vineyard settings, the winery embraces you in sweet hills and plans that treasure the past and future.

Mater Matuta and Satricum

Casale del Giglio has a great impact on culture. It has contributed to the archaeological excavations in Satricum, near Rome. Satricum is a pre-Roman town which was besieged and destroyed by the Romans between the sixth and the fifth century before Christ. Mater Matuta, or the Goddess of fertility and of the light, has been the most important witness of the faith present within this pre-Roman civilisation. Indeed, a temple dedicated to Mater Matuta has been discovered within the lands of Casale del Giglio. That is why one of the wines of Casale del Giglio is named after it. The actual production took its origin from the experimentation of 57 types of wines and it has great biological and cultural value. You may discover more by clicking to Casale del Giglio website.

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