the future sound of london and accelerator vynil on a vynil player combined with Italian wine from the Nightingale Valley


Bellone Sunset Party

A sip of pure bellone white wine tastes familiar and totally exotic all at the same time! Upon taking the out the ice cool bottle from the fridge, drops of condensation begin to slide down the label, gently running onto the DIY table of a beach bar.

drops of condensation begin to slide down the label, gently running onto the DIY table of a beach bar nearby the Circeo mountain.. The sea in front of me, lying at the foot of the rocky Circeo headland, is familiar yet exotic; crystal clear waters, salty sea air, and the presence of young people clad in white linen dresses and glamorous shirts who are out for a good time.

The groups of youngsters are in a queue to go down to the beach together and enjoy the sunset, it’s like something from a vintage MTV Sunset Party.

Acceleratorby Future Sound of London (FSOL)is playing in the background, it’s familiar and exotic and theideal soundtrack for a psychedelic sunset, somewhere between techno, electro-ambient and ambient-techno.

the future sound of london vynil leaning a vynil player

Accelerator: The Future Sound of London

Accelerator is the future, present and past sound of London.

In fact, it’s an arsenal made up of Atari 1040s, YamahaSPX90s, RolandSynth Modules, Drum Machines and Akaisequencers, together with loads of lo-fi toys and old vinyl samples. This innovative sound has shaped the FSOL’s music of the 90s.
The single ‘Papua New Guinea’ sounds familiar enough to impact dancefloors, which are always hungry for new rhythms and sounds as well as exotic enough vibes to join people together for a shared radical trip“, said Garry Cobain, founder of FSOL .

Cobain, together with his bandmate Brian Dougans, put together various samples and new patterns. The bass line of Meat Beat Manifesto‘s “Radio Babylon” and the sample of Lisa Gerrard’s voice, in the song ‘Dawn of the Iconoclast‘ (by Dead Can Dance) are the backbone of ‘Papua New Guinea‘.

This song consecrated FSOL among the most surprising and experimental groups of the international electronic scene.

Garry Cobain, fondatore insieme a Brian Dougans the Future sound of London

The Nightingale Valley: a land to explore

Like the processing and updating of the sound of the FSOLs, the Nightingale Valley’s “La Cesa” (White wine – pure bellone grapes) is the result of a process that over time has been refined and become a meticulous sampling of present and past harvesting techniques.

A composition that has history, the soul of Pliny the Young’s “Grape Pantastica” derives from the efforts of our grandparents, and Giuseppe and Stefania’s parents, who now manage the farm and the farmhouse. Giuseppe & Stefania, just like a soft and precise drum machine, keep the rhythm of the harvest and oversee its transformation into wine. This wine has a fresh and modern taste, and is as aromatic as it is current. La Cesa is enhanced by the combination of various tastes designed by the chef of the farmhouse. The farmhouse is the core of The Nightingale Valley’s hospitality.

Like the sun, drops keep sliding down the bottle: it is the right time to pour myself a glass.

Although clubs are closing down in Italy, it is time to put on my big headphones, and join the spectacle of the sunset over the sand dunes. This is, above all of the worries of the world, a new day to play the Future Sound of London’s “Accelerator” on Spotify.

terracotta wine experience clay vineyard

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