#Rossini cocktail

The recipe of Rossini cocktail with strawberries, sparkling wine and ginger.

La ricetta del cocktail Rossini si basa su due ingredienti base: fragole e prosecco, La ricetta del cocktail Rossini che vi proponiamo è con vino frizzante, zenzero e fragole.

we have shown how to movethe first steps in the mixology world, starting with wine and cinnamon. This time we explain how to make the Rossini cocktail, a fragrant cocktail with strawberry seasonal fruitto celebrate the progress of the fight against coronavirus.

We have chosen a sparkling wineby Sant’Andrea winery, a wine which sets its roots in Terracina, blending the breeze and the sea, tropical fruit and white flowers.

Rossini is a cocktail that puts together two different souls – the intensity of Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes of Sant’Andrea Riflessi sparkling wine and the sweet flavour of the strawberries, which amplifies the wine experience, leading you toward the summer.

History and curiosities about Rossini cocktail

Strawberry sparkles wine cocktail is one of the most famous cocktails from the Italian tradition. Rossini was invented by Giuseppe Cipriani, owner and bartender of the renowned Harry’s Bar in Venice. Rossini cocktail is named after the name of the worldly-recognised Italian Gioacchino Rossini classical composer and musician. Rossini cocktail shares its structure with other famous wine cocktails, such as Bellini, Tintoretto and Mimosa.

All these cocktails share prosecco as wine – differently, we as Latina Wine Trail propose an interesting substitution, replacing prosecco with the sparkling wine of Sant’Andrea winery

Plus, we want to tempt you with a spoon of ginger to open up all the senses.

Ingredients for one person

455 g strawberries

120 ml water

20 ml Sant’Andrea sparkling wine

two mint leaves

one lime slice

a spoonful of sugar (brown or white as you like)

a spoonful of ginger powder

ice cubes


A glass

Two teaspoons

A long spoon

A measuring cup

How to make a Rossini cocktail: here the recipe

recipe by Ambra Foffi (bar tender – certified ISO9001:2008)

  • 1
    Start by making a strawberry puree – it is very simple: cut the strawberries into irregular pieces and put them in a blender together with water. Blend them until they get the consistency of a milkshake and put them into a small bowl.
  • Then, take two leaves of mint and gently rub them before putting them in a glass (any glass you have home).

  • 3
    Pour the strawberry puree, ice cubes, and add a spoon of ginger powder.
  • Stir energetically with the long spoon.

  • 5
    Top it up with Sant’Andrea sparkling wine.
  • Atop, sprinkle with an extra dose of ginger to give colour and sharper taste.

  • 7
    Garnish with a slice of lime and some extra mint leaves if you like.
  • Use a PLA straw to drink it.

Il cocktail Rossini con vino frizzante e fragole

Enjoy & drink responsibly.

Terracina wine and the beautiful shores south of Rome

The vineyards of Sant’Andrea winery are placed in an extraordinary territory – sands, a clean seaside and untainted plains in the south of Rome where Riflessi sparkling wine gets its unique identity. Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes are harvested at the shades of Circeo promontory, where Ulysses managed to save his companions from the plans of Circe, a sorceress which transformed Ulysses’ peers into swine.

Muscat wine of Sant’Andrea winery is the most famous wine produced, already appreciated by ancient Romans and imported from Greece.

The history of Sant’Andrea winery is also very interesting and it gives extra value to our version of Rossini cocktail cocktail – the winery was born at the end of XIX century in Tunisia and after the decolonisation process was compelled to leave. Eventually it ended up in Terracina virgin territory, for a long time abandoned.

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