In my recent life, it has rarely happened to be stuck in a place for such a long time . time – you know, quarantine. I do travel a lot and it’s been a while since I had the exact feeling of coming back to a place – where you belong, a harbour where to dock, that you probably damn when you hang around there too much, repeating the same routine or that you hug because it smells like home. It is the smell of the stairs, of the kitchen or of that part of the house you only know. It is the scent your nose has registered as the centre of your mind.

This sensation in Portuguese is called saudade – as the five-time-Nobel-nominated Teixeira de Pascoaes would say:

“The desire of beloved things made painful due to their absence”

The “nostalgia of the future” is normally identified with the way back to somewhere, fragments of an amorous discourse, slowly and warmly embracing all the senses.
It has the bossa nova new-age sound that makes you sing “Quero você para sempre, Quero você meu amor” (I love you forever, I yearn for you, my darling).

It features the voice of five women which sing of love, solitude, passion and whims, jumping from Portuguese to Italian, from English to French passing through Spanish, in an artistic and sounding evolution that, with a pinch of Sixties, it is a fully deployed melting pot of dub, acid jazz, bossa nova and ethnic sounds.
The return home I am talking about sounds like Saudade of Thievery Corporation, flourishing in the headsets on the music piece “Sola in Citta” sung by Elin Malgrejo. Precisely, in that point, you feel like home: you leave your luggage somewhere, throw your shoes and have a shower. Then, you make the album start anew, with you and with a glass of Ercole wine of Cincinnato winery.

cincinnato cantina vigne Nero Buono

The vinyl has the same ruby colour of the wine and its intense vibes – the same passion and dedication that my grandparents had who used to be Cincinnato cooperative members. However, there is not just space for the past or for nostalgia in the duo Rob Garza & David Hiltthe Thievery Corporation – just for a moment I put aside the Pixies and the hard rock, thinking over my next trip, my new experimentation. I think of after-covid life.
I still indulge myself to an extra minute of the harmony of flavour and sounds with the last lap of bossa nova/downtempo of “Bateau Rouge” . I do understand it is time to pack again, make order, ship out to taste the way back home.

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